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Company events

Company Events

Among the old bricks of Hof ter Musschen, we create the ideal setting for all your corporate events. Moreover, Hof ter Musschen is ideally situated: in Brussels and just minutes away from major traffic routes. The characteristic square farmstead, despite its central location far from urban bustle, recently housed Brabant draft horses.
Today, it stands as a natural sanctuary where birds find solace in a unique and protected landscape, while the protected Renaissance buildings confidently look towards the future. 

Crafted for versatility – Hof ter Musschen: where history thrives and innovation flourishes.

We don’t just offer a rich history, but also an infrastructure that meets your highest expectations.
From presentation technology to room selection, we support your tailored event. Step into our oasis of calm and inspiration, where every detail of your three-course dinner, walking buffet, BBQ, or sandwich lunch is meticulously curated and cherished.